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Stockt is the first inventory app designed especially for small businesses. We believe you're never "too small"  to reduces food waste by over 67%, turn hours of inventory labor into minutes, and gain powerful insights into your business.  
We priced it so that it pays for itself at 

Streamlining Workflows
| Smashing Waste 

No matter how small your business, we truly can't wait for you to stop counting stock and get back to doing what you love.
We're launching in Summer, 2021 - sign up now to get on the waitlist to get 50% off your first year. 

Subscription Features

Scan In Inventory
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Use your device to scan in bar codes, invoices, and receipts.  Price, nutritional information, and expiry dates are captured. 

Hassle-Free Prep 
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Your prep chef's new best friend. Track what's prepped and what's not. Stop throwing out your prepped foods with the predictive powers of Stockt. 

Menu Creation & Costing 
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In-depth breakdowns of menu item profitability. Vital for costing, menu-building, and catering. Get nutritional and allergen information. Keep your recipes consistent! 

Be a Know-It-All 

Where are you leaking profits? What is getting wasted too often and why? Are recipes being followed faithfully? What's running low? Where did that invoice go? You'll never have to ask again. 

Instant Updates

Every sale triggers a fresh inventory update. Updates across all devices. Smart alerts let you know when to act. Never guestimate again.  

An App For All
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iOS, Android, web, and Desktop - even for Linux users. No need for hardware. No upfront costs, no training costs. Get h-appy. 

Order from the App

Build your grocery lists, send orders to your suppliers, and scan in their invoice when it arrives - all without leaving the app.

Helpful, 24/7
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Human support is there when you need it. Our online academy, forum, videos, and chat are also here to help. We kept the app as simple and intuitive as possible - there's even an in-app tutor. 

If you're a Square user, become a beta tester.

You'll get to weigh in on the features.
As a thank you, you'll get the app for free, forever.  

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Made with Love

Stockt is the passion project of Clay Roth (CEO) and Jed Brewer (CTO). Clay's sister is the founder of The Wandering Root Food Co., a long-dreamed-of food truck. Intrigued by laments that there was no affordable inventory software that would integrate with her Square POS, we investigated. Not only was inventory software exorbitantly expensive, but it was also slow, outdated, or loaded with features that a food truck wouldn't need.  We knew we could change all that. Stockt App was born.

Both founders have worked in the food industry for over a collective decade.  In these challenging times, we knew we could make a product that helped small businesses not just prevent waste and save money, but thrive through harnessing their business data. And that's what we created.  
We priced it so that it would pay for itself just by significantly reducing food waste.
We hope you love it as much as we do.  

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Break Up With Spreadsheets. Forever. 

After consulting, designing, building, and dreaming,
we're so excited to be launching in Summer 2021. 

Get ready to set fire to your spreadsheet and reclaim hours of your day. 

We're giving the love back. Our first 100 subscribers get
50% off of their first year - that's a savings of $200.

Sign on to get on our list of keeners and early adopters to get your early acess code.

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