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A values-first startup

If you told us a year ago that we'd start an inventory app service, we probably wouldn't have believed you. We had steady jobs, Corona was the name of a beer, and Clay's sister was gearing up to open a food truck.  While in lockdown, we realized there were two enormous problems that we could solve while we waited for the world to open up again. 
First: large and already-profitable food companies can afford inventory software while small, local businesses can't. Second, we didn't realize how much food waste is directly caused by human error in inventory. Once we knew we could help small businesses reduce their food waste by over 67%, we knew we were in for the long haul. 

We're two do-gooder die-hards who can't wait to change the world with you. 

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Scan In Inventory
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Use your mobile device to scan in bar codes, invoices, and receipts.  Price, nutritional information, and expiry dates are captured. 

An App For All
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iOS, Androd, and Desktop - even for Linux users. No need for hardware. No upfront costs, no training costs. Get appy. 

Order from the App

Build your grocery lists, send orders to your suppliers, and scan in their invoice when it arrives - all without leaving the app.

Instant Updates

Every sale triggers a fresh inventory update. Updates across all devices. Smart alerts let you know when to act. Never guestimate again.  

Menu Creation & Costing 
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In-depth breakdowns of menu item profitability. Vital for costing and catering. Get nutritional and allergen information. 

Helpful, 24/7
Sales Agent

We made the app self-explanatory - literally. But human support is there if something is amiss. Our online academy, forum, videos, and chat will also help.