How do I request a demo?

Why is Stockt so inexpensive? Is something wrong with it? 

The great news is that you don't have to. Instead, go ahead and download the app for free. The app will teach you how to use it. Watch our videos for help. We hope that you love the app. If you do, become a subscriber. Isn't that relaxing? Plus, this keeps our overhead low so that we can pass savings on to you.
If you'd like to chat with a human, please book a free consultation. We'd love to get to know you and answer any questions. 

I'm not a large company - do I really need inventory software? 

You absolutely do - so glad you asked! 
If you spend more than a collective hour stocking, counting, costing, and ordering a week, the app pays for itself. Even if you are small, you are statistically likely to throw out over $40 of unused food a month - yikes. The app will pay for itself, again. 
We made the app specifically to benefit companies like yours to generate powerful business insights that would take days to chart out manually. So go for it  - don't let the big businesses get all the cool stuff! 

We like to think we're doing things right. As an aspiring B Corp, reducing waste is at the core of our mission. We want as many businesses using the app as possible, and cost should not get in the way.  We're a very small team (two humans, one dog) and have kept overhead costs low. We've filled the app with only the most useful features for small businesses. And, instead of hiring an aggressive sales team, we just designed Stockt in a way that we think that people will like. We're passing those savings on. 

How the heck is an app going to make my life easier in a time like this? 

There's so much that small businesses have to contend with right now - that's why we wanted to get in your corner. By taking the question mark out of your costing, inventory, sales, ingredients, menu items, and the ordering process, we know the app can save significant time and money - not to mention the endless mental and paper clutter that you've probably grown numb to. Did we mention the app is designed by both a data scientist and a therapist? A weird but winning combo. 

What hardware do I need? 

None! Stockt App (as the name implies) is an application downloadable straight to your smartphone, computer, and/or pad. There won't be any start-up fees or hefty up-front investments either, because no one likes those. 

Which Point of Sale (POS) does Stockt work with?

As it stands, Square and Clover are our two POS integrations and you'll soon be able to find us on their app stores. If either of those aren't your POS, fear not. We are planning to expand as soon as we can. Please get in touch and let us know what POS you'd like to see us on.